Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Featured Directory: The .Coop Directory

Cooperatives are one of the few types of businesses to have their own Top-Level Domain suffix, .coop. The organization that grants these domain names has been improving its directory of listed organizations, as a service to domain holders and in an effort to popularize the .coop suffix.
Features that they are advertising:
  • .coop domain holders can Claim and Customize their listings
  • listings are geo-tagged, so you can search by geography
  • multimedia: you can add a photo, video and logo to your listing; you can also upgrade (pay?) to add more photos and videos, or a custom map or directory
  • sharing widgets to point people to the directory, such as via Facebook and Myspace
These seem like fairly good ideas. It will be fun to see if they want to become a Data Sharing Organization someday.

UPDATE: The .coop Directory uses a company's software to display the directory listings on a map. We're a little disappointed at the closed and proprietary nature of the software. Coops can do better!

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