Saturday, May 9, 2009

Data Genius

"Don't be data rich and knowledge poor." Now that's a tagline I find intriguing. Living Naturally is one of NCGA's partner organizations, a "supplier of software and solutions to retailers in the natural products industry, including store automation." The sophistication of the data environment for some types of enterprises, including food co-ops, is a little intimidating for me. How can we make sure that what the Data Commons provides is of sufficient value and can integrate into the rest of their operations seamlessly?


Axel Ztangi said...

I just found your project . . . so take this note appropriately... it seems to me that what you are about is at bottom a political project. So references to commercial data bases may be irrelevant. The criteria for your relevancy is based on how your data builds the movement for an alternative economy. Need I say, that project is needed more now than when you began in 2005.

Noemi said...

Thanks for your comment! You're right of course that what we're doing is political. But that's the beauty of cooperatives: they function in both a political and a market context. At a very basic level we also need to provide services that our members value. And that is how we are going to successfully build the alternative cooperative economy!