Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Early Adopters

We're reaching out to organizations to become "early adopters" of our services (along with the organizations already on board: CDI, USFWC, NASCO, and GEO). This would mean investing about 5 hours/month, as an organization, for a year. Different people could rotate around the responsibility of talking with us. Mainly what we would want is feedback, information, ideas, concerns on what you are doing now with information that could be made easier if the maintenance were shared with other organizations, what technology you are using and how best to interface with it to make your lives easier and save you time, money and aggravation, what you think of the ideas we have on what we could do and how to do it, new ideas about data use and presentation that would enable novel business opportunities, and so on.

Since we are gearing up to become a consumer-owned coop, this early "sweat equity" investment would count for most or all of the equity investment to join as a member of the coop. And the better feedback we get, the better we make our products and services, the more valuable being a member is.

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